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Double Reed Tools & Supplies

Whether you play the bassoon, contrabassoon, oboe or English horn, you know that your double reed instrument of choice needs regular maintenance and repairs in order to continue looking, playing and sounding its best. Of course, it's for this reason why well-known brands in the orchestral world each specialize in their own double reed tools and supplies. In fact, this catalog just happens to be loaded with options, including complete kits that contain all the essential tools to have your instrument operating at its fullest capacity.

No matter what double reed instrument you play, there are certain basic care tasks that apply to them all. Some of these duties include: reed maintenance, daily key wipes with a cloth, keeping the wood dust-free, monthly adjustments and oiling the mechanism every three months. The good news is that you'll find everything here to carry out these tasks - from reamers and reed knives to mandrels and even reed files. If you're a bassoonist who's after more than one tool, check out the Fox Bassoon Reed Kit. Featuring a high-quality knife, plaque and mandrel, this kit belongs in the gig bag of any serious bassoonist.

Oboists have plenty of choices here as well. In fact, the Rigotta Oboe Reed Kit is chock-full of first-class tools and supplies for adjusting and maintaining your reed. Featuring an ebony handled mandrel, spade-shaped nickel-plated brass plaque, ebony cutting block and a straight knife, you'll have your oboe sounding close to new all over again thanks to this convenient oboe reed kit.

Although it's recommended that you have your double reed instrument looked at by a professional once or twice a year, owning your own double reed tools and supplies kit is also extremely important - after all, you never know when your instrument will need a quick tune-up. While browsing this page, don't forget to explore each of the individual tools and supplies as well. Are you out of bassoon wire? Maybe you need more fish skin for your English horn? It can all be found in this selection of double reed tools and supplies.