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Super Sensitive Double Bass Strings

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In the world of strings, size does matter. The bigger the strings, the heavier the wire, and the more important the winding quality is to the sound. This means that double bass strings have a high standard to live up to, since they're some of the biggest instrument strings around! Still, you can find some fantastic strings without necessarily having to go to the absolute biggest brands, and this lineup of Super Sensitive Double Bass Strings is all the proof you need to see that. They may not be the most well-known name in strings, but there's no doubting they bring some excellent choices to the table, so the strings in this section are well worth your consideration when shopping for a new set.

There's good news here for parents and instructors with young bassists on reduced-scale instruments, too: Super Sensitive has several 1/4 size and 1/2 size string options, so you'll find what you need to keep those smaller instruments performing their best. The Super Sensitive Red Label 1/4 Size Double Bass Strings and Red Label 1/2 Size Double Bass Strings are sold individually, so you can replace only the strings that need it, without having to spring for an entire set. On the other hand, if you are looking for a full course of strings to fit a standard 3/4 size double bass, there's the Super Sensitive Sensicore Bass Strings set. With perlon cores, it's ready for the demands of professional use - and it's available in medium or solo, making for a customized performance to suit your role in the ensemble.

It may be theater, not music, that gives us the expression "what's in a name?" But in Super Sensitive's case, it's a question worth asking anyway, because they've done their best to make their strings live up to that title. Super Sensitive double bass strings are solid options for plenty of double bassists, so don't hesitate to consider them no matter how you play. If you're looking for a performance that is (as the name suggests) "super sensitive," then you can expect to find it here.