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Pirastro Double Bass Strings

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Sometimes they say size doesn't matter, but when it comes to instrument strings, it definitely does. The strings for the double bass are some of the biggest, thickest, and heaviest around, which means that it takes a higher standard of manufacturing to produce them with the best-performing results. Fortunately, manufacturers like Pirastro are up to the challenge and have been making some of the top bass strings in the world for years. Variety is important too, of course, and you'll find Pirastro double bass strings in this section fit for bassists from all walks of life. So no matter how and where you play, there's a set of strings here ready to be there with you.

Are you a jazz club virtuoso looking for clarity and power with tons of sustain and rich, silky vibrato? In that case, Pirastro has a set of strings made specifically for you: the Jazzer Series Double Bass String Set in 3/4 Size. Or maybe you're a solo performer searching for an amazing set of rope cores with long-lasting steel windings, delivering high elasticity with lively tone? Then you might prefer the Pirastro Permanent Series Double Bass Solo String Set 3/4. Need something a little bit more traditional? No problem - there are tons of other options here such as the Oliv Series, Chorda Series and Eudoxa Series, each with their own take on classic double bass performance, and available in individual string packages so you can customize and replace individually.

The best string manufacturers know that variety is the spice of life, and Pirastro is no exception. These are serious strings for the most demanding professional bassists, so when world-class performance is non-negotiable, this section is a good place to be. Even the most affordable Pirastro double bass strings, the Evah Pirazzi series, are fantastic performers (and great choices for beginners) - and the standards only get higher from there.