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Double Bass Bridges

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The quality and craftsmanship of your double bass bridge will have a huge impact on the sound and playability of your instrument. But finding one that's designed with your performance in mind is easier than you think - in fact, it's as simple as choosing a model from this section. Thanks to companies like The String Centre and Glaesel, double bass players have a wide range of impressive double bass bridges to choose from. Just take a look through this catalog and you'll find everything from affordably-priced hard maple bass bridges to even adjustable models with wheels.

If you're an experienced double bass player, you know that you need to make periodic string height adjustments when your strings become tougher to play or begin to buzz. With that in mind, you'll have no problem finding a double bass bridge on this page that makes string height adjustment an effortless endeavor. For a perfect example, check out The String Centre Adjustable Bass Bridge with Wheels: it's beautifully cut and comes in both 1/2 and 3/4 sizes.

Need another suggestion? Take a closer look at the Glaesel Self-Adjusting Bass Bridge with Wheels. Available in both 1/2 and 3/4 sizes, this bridge boasts moveable feet that automatically conform to changes in the top curvature. Additionally, the wheels adjust the height of the bridge and string action: a feature that comes in very handy if you happen to play in places where sudden changes in temperature and humidity occur.

Whatever double bass bridge catches your attention here, the results will be sure to impress you. The simple truth is that if you take your double bass performance seriously, you can't underestimate the significance of your bridge. So be sure to thoroughly research each of your choices, and soon enough you (and everyone who's lucky enough to see and hear you in action) will be enjoying your double bass talents at the peak of their powers.