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This new mouthpiece designed by Aaron Tindall is the most popular of the range, and is designed for use in 5/4 CC tubas. It has a large cup that is a mixture of a funnel and a bowl with a large throat, and is slightly shallower than the AT1U. This mouthpiece has already proved a big hit with many leading American players. The rim is designed by Warren Deck and is one of the most comfortable on the market. It features just the right amount of width and bite to give the player a sense of comfort and stability. This mouthpiece produces a rich and vibrant sound with plenty of focus. There is a distinct ‘shelf’ at the bottom of the cup which helps achieve a concentrated power that gives a sound that really projects.

The shank has been very carefully engineered to fit all tubas with the standard ‘Euroshank’-type fitting. Original lead-pipes from Meinl-Weston and B & S were used in this process. The exact matching of mouthpiece and instrument leadpipe is vital to achieve the correct response from modern German tubas.
Denis Wick DW5386-AT Aaron Tindal Signature Ultra Series Tuba Mouthpiece in Silver AT8U

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  • Available sizes: AT1U, AT2U, AT3U, AT4U, AT5U, AT6U, AT7U, AT8U
  • Model number: The number refers to the cup diameter; the higher the number, the smaller the diameter
  • Finish: Silver-plate

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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  • AT1U: 32.8 mm cup diameter; 9.53 mm throat; large funnel-style mouthpiece with straighter cup wall
  • AT2U: 32.8 mm cup diameter; 8.2 mm throat; large funnel-bowl mix style cup with large throat
  • AT3U: 32.8 mm cup diameter; 8.2 mm throat; Hellebery-styled mouthpiece with ease of playing in all registers
  • AT4U: 32.8 mm cup diameter; 8.3 mm throat; Geib-styled mouthpiece ideal for rotary CC tubas. Allows for enhanced upper overtones
  • AT5U: 32.8 mm cup diameter; 8.9 mm throat; large F tuba mouthpiece with large funnel-bowl mix style cup and smaller throat and tighter backbore
  • AT6U: 32.8 mm cup diameter; 8.4 mm throat; F tuba mouthpiece with large funnel-bowl mix style cup and medium throat
  • AT7U: 32.8 mm cup diameter; 8 mm throat; medium cup F tuba mouthpiece ideal for chamber and solo work
  • AT8U: 32.8 mm cup diameter; 7.9 mm throat; shallow cup F tuba mouthpiece ideal for all types of solo playing

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