Denis Wick

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A revolutionary idea, using as its basis 19th century models with a thin-walled cup nearest to the rim. Modern CNC technology has further reduced the wall thickness to 1.2 mm. To this is added a modern idea; greater metal mass at the bottom of the cup. The result is a rich sound, with a scintillating upper overtone structure, incredible responsiveness in playing and a much easier high register. This is a powerful mouthpiece but is also highly responsive. The elegant gold-plating of rim and cup combined with the silver-plated body make this model look as good as it sounds. Available in a wide variety of sizes. Select from dropdown menu.
Denis Wick DW2186 Heritage Series Tuba Mouthpiece in Silver 4L
Denis Wick DW2186 Heritage Series Tuba Mouthpiece in Silver 4L

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  • Available sizes: 1L, 1XL, 2.5CC, 2L, 2SL, 2XL, 3L, 3SL, 3XL, 4L, 5L
  • Model Number: L models fit modern style mouthpiece receivers, especially German made tubas. 2.5CC mouthpiece is designed for use on European shank BBb and CC tubas.
  • Finish: Silver plate

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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  • 1L: 32.5mm cup diameter; 8.43mm throat. Especially for large tubas. Enormous volume and range; needs strong embouchure.
  • 1XL: 32.5mm cup diameter; 8.43mm throat. Wider, rounded rim for large tubas. Great volume and range.
  • 2.5CC: 32mm cup diameter; 8.6mm throat. Medium-large Helleberg-type mouthpiece. Great intonation on CC tubas due to careful attention to backbore design.
  • 2L: 32mm cup diameter; 8.45mm throat: Large funnel-shape Helleberg cup. Clean and clear sound in all registers
  • 2SL: 32mm cup diameter; 7.65mm throat: Funnel-shape Helleberg cup with clear sound with good projection in all registers.
  • 2XL: 32mm cup diameter; 8.45mm throat: Wider, rounded rim for player comfort during extended periods. Works well for soft, articulated passages.
  • 3L: 31.25mm cup diameter; 8.78mm throat. Deep, well-rounded cup plus huge throat and backbore for rich, organ-like tone.
  • 3SL: 31.25mm cup diameter; 7.62mm throat. Soloist model with brilliant tone and high register. Great for F tuba work.
  • 3XL: 31.25mm cup diameter; 8.78mm throat. Wide, round rim for additional player comfort. Works well for F tuba.
  • 4L: 30.5mm cup diameter; 8.27mm throat. Excellent choice for younger players. Good projection with less effort.
  • 5L: 30mm cup diameter; 7.89mm throat. Deep cup and matching backbore for compact sound. Good choice for F and Eb tubas.