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Dava's Combo 5-pack contains 1 each of the following models: Grip Tip Delrin, Jazz Grip Delrin, Master Control, Rock Control Delrin, and original Dava Control Nylon.

Grip Tip
Dava's Grip Tip picks are a revolution in design. Utilizing patented over-molding technology and multi-gauge flexibility, musicians not only get a velvety fell and unparalleled grip, but also the ability to change pick gauge "on the fly." Grip the tip for a hard gauge or release the flexible center section for a smooth rhythm feel.

Jazz Grip
Made from delrin, and in a size players are used to for a jazz pick, Dava Jazz Grip picks combine a sharp tip with a rubber grip. Now get the control a precision needed to perform the fastest runs without the fear of dropping your pick.

Master Control
Dava's patented Master Control pick is the only pick to combine a metal edge with plastic flexibility. From the lightest chimes to the heaviest metal and back again, this pick does it all. The nickel silver tip is made from the same material as guitar fret wire. If you bend notes you know how slippery frets get. It's the same for the pick, really smooth and really fast.

Rock Control
The Rock Control model offers the same multi-gauge features as the Master Control pick, only incorporating plastic tips made from delrin, celluloid and sharp "Points."

Dava's original patented multi-gauge Control Pick is the first design to give musicians the ability to control pick gauge while playing. Simply grip the tip for a hard gauge or release the flexible center section for a soft gauge and gain instant dynamic control and gain instant dynamic control.

Whether you want to articulate parts of a lead solo or take a back seat during rhythm playing, it's all in the way you hold it.

Dava Combo 5-Pack (4 Medium, 1 Small) Assorted Colors