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The DPA 2028 supercardioid vocal microphone was created for the specific challenges of the live stage. This one mic allows you to capture true sound and produce an unforgettable show, effortlessly. It is a flexible handheld vocal condenser mic, which provides fantastic, transparent vocals to performers from a wide range of markets, including live, HoW, broadcast, etc. Use it wired or together with your favorite wireless system, and hear the vocals shine like never before. Unlike other supercardioid mics, the 2028 delivers strong attenuation from the rear, so that the monitors don’t cause any feedback issues. In addition to the fantastic performance at 180°, the mic also offers no pickup at the critical 140–150°, where there are most often stage monitors that can cause feedback in lesser mics.
DPA Microphones 2028 Supercardioid Vocal Mic, SE2 Adapter (Sennheiser 2000/6000/9000/Evolution/D1)

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  • Durable mechanical construction
  • Reduces feedback issues
  • Uniform supercardioid directionality
  • Extreme SPL (Sound Pressure Level) handling
  • Easy to EQ

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