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XS Electric Guitar Strings | The Story with Jim D'Addario | Playing by Alex Skolnickplay button

XS Electric Guitar Strings | The Story with Jim D'Addario | Playing by Alex Skolnick

@JudeSmithMusic tries out a set of the all-new XS button

@JudeSmithMusic tries out a set of the all-new XS strings.


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D'Addario XS Nickel Electric Guitar Strings combine D'Addario's premium nickel-plated steel wrap wire with an ultra-thin polymer coating for maximum tone and playability, providing the longest life of any D'Addario electric guitar string. The XS Nickel strings are crafted for discerning guitarists seeking rich harmonics, clarity and definition in their playing. The reformulated nickel-plated steel provides a warm yet cutting tone, while the high-tech coating allows the strings to age with grace, maintaining tone and tuning stability.

Fusion Twist Technology Enhances Tuning Stability

At the core of each XS Nickel string is D'Addario's NY Steel hexagonal core, which provides superior intonation and stability. The Fusion Twist wrap process gives the nickel-plated steel tighter grip on the core, reducing slack for enhanced tuning stability and longer string life. The combination of premium materials and innovative construction results in strings that sing with harmonious overtones and sustain.

Ultra-Thin Polymer Coating Preserves Tone

While coated strings tend to dampen tone, D'Addario's groundbreaking XS coating technology provides a smooth playing surface without compromising the strings' acoustic properties. The micro-thin polymer coating allows the wrap wire and core to vibrate freely, producing the warm, articulate tone XS Nickel strings are known for. The coating also helps prevent oxidation and corrosion, enabling the strings to last up to five times longer than uncoated strings.

Light Top/Heavy Bottom for Versatile Tone

The 09-46 gauge XS Nickel set has a super light E string for effortless bends, coupled with a heavier low E string for full, punchy basslines. The variation in string gauges produces a wide range of tones, from bright and jangly to deep and distorted. Whatever your playing style, XS Nickel strings have you covered with their rich harmonic palette and dynamic responsiveness.

Premium Quality and Value

As with all D'Addario products, XS Nickel strings are precision engineered and digitally controlled to the highest standards of quality and consistency. Guitarists around the world rely on D'Addario for premium strings and accessories and the XS Nickel set delivers exceptional performance and value. Experience the difference premium strings can make in your tone and technique with D'Addario XS Nickel Electric Guitar Strings.

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