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D'Addario's Classic Pro Microphone Cable provides studio-quality performance for capturing pristine audio. This 20' premium cable is designed for musicians and audio engineers seeking maximum signal integrity. Constructed using oxygen-free copper conductors and 95% shielding, the Classic Pro virtually eliminates interference and signal loss for transparent sound.

Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors Provide Unparalleled Signal Fidelity

At the heart of the Classic Pro cable are oxygen-free copper conductors, prized for their superior conductivity and low capacitance. These high-purity conductors ensure your microphone signal reaches your interface or mixer with crystal clarity and accuracy. The result is a spacious, natural sound that brings out the best in any microphone.

95% Shielding Blocks Electromagnetic Interference

To safeguard your signal from unwanted noise, the Classic Pro cable utilizes 95% shielding and a durable PVC jacket. This heavy-duty shielding forms an impenetrable barrier against radio frequency interference and electromagnetic noise. Handling noise is virtually eliminated, enabling confident movement on stage or in the studio.

Road-Ready Durability and Dependability

While delivering studio-caliber performance, the Classic Pro cable is also built to withstand the rigors of live use and travel. A molded strain relief collar provides exceptional flexibility and protection at the plug termination. The cable itself features a robust yet pliable PVC jacket that holds up to repeated coiling and uncoiling. Premium Neutrik connectors complete the cable, renowned for their durability and lifetime warranty.

The Total Package for Professional Use

With oxygen-free copper conductors, 95% shielding, and road-ready durability, the Classic Pro microphone cable has everything needed for professional-level performance. Paired with high-quality microphones and equipment, this 20' cable helps musicians and engineers achieve stunning recordings and live sound. For flawless signal transfer each and every time, choose the D'Addario Classic Pro Microphone Cable.

D'Addario Classic Pro Microphone Cable 20 ft. Red
D'Addario Classic Pro Microphone Cable 20 ft. Red

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  • Ultrapure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure signal transfer
  • Flexible molded collar provides outstanding strain relief for worry-free reliability
  • 95% shielding eliminates virtually all handling noise
  • Connecter 1: XLR-F
  • Connecter 2: XLR-M