Coffin Case

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Coffin Guitars is proud to unleash The Count, a crimson velvet guitar strap forged for the dankest abyss. Swathe your ax in vampiric velour with this adjustable strap, extending from 40" to 70" to suit players grim and great. Four coffin-shaped strap ends clinch the macabre motif, their midnight-hued faux leather tips a nod to netherworld elegance.

Sanguine Velvet Veil for Your Axe

Whether you dwell in black metal, doom or Goth, The Count provides a suitably sepulchral and sanguine veil for your instrument. Its rich velvet fabric flows like a river of blood over your shoulder, emanating a sumptuous scarlet gleam under stage lights. Adjust the strap to your preferred length and prowl the stage with vampiric panache, The Count's crimson embrace accentuating your every flourish and fretwork.

Padded Comfort for All-Night Dirges

While The Count excels in sinister style, it also provides pragmatic comfort for prolonged performances. Thick padding lines the strap to prevent slippage and guard your neck from chafing under the weight of heavier instruments. Play into the wee hours without strain or distraction, The Count's padded support and non-slip underside keeping your ax securely and comfortably in place for a night of ceaseless shredding.

Morbid Accents for Additional Flair

Four faux leather coffin ends complete The Count's sepulchral style, their midnight-black tips adorned with silver clasps. Whether brandishing a Les Paul, Flying V or battle-scarred BC Rich, these morbid accents clinch an overall esthetic of tenebrous, vampiric flair. Prefer a more minimalist strap? Simply detach The Count's coffin ends for a streamlined but no less dramatic scarlet strap.

Coffin Case The Count Red Velvet Guitar Strap Red Velvet

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  • Red quilted velvet in Coffin Diamond Tuck pattern
  • Seat-belt-quality webbing for strength
  • Thick, full grain coffin-shaped leather tabs
  • Adjustable from 40 to 70” length