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There's a lot of back-and-forth in the guitar community about all the things that affect a guitar's tone. But there's one thing that's not up for debate: having the right strings is step one to creating a great sound. And for countless guitarists, including professionals like Fall Out Boy and Flock of Seagulls, the right strings are Cleartone acoustic guitar strings. Where most manufacturers settle for offering coated and uncoated strings so you can choose between longevity and playability, Cleartone didn't think that was a choice guitarists should have to make. Instead, they developed an ultra-thin film that gives you the advantages of coated strings with the feel of uncoated. The result of Cleartone's efforts may be the closest thing in the world to a perfect string. Of course, part of being the 'perfect string' means being the right fit for your guitar and playing style, which is why Cleartone offers lots of options to suit every taste. For instance, if you like your strings thin, check out the Cleartone Coated Ultra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings. Or, for a weightier feel, try the Coated Phosphor-Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings. Like all of Cleartone's strings, these sets will outlast uncoated strings several times over - and unlike traditional coated strings, they won't flake. Are you looking to stock up? If so, Cleartone has a few bundle packs you should definitely consider. For example, there's the Treated Light Acoustic Guitar Strings Four Pack and the Coated Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings Four Pack. Since Cleartone strings last so long, four sets will hold you over for a good while even if you're a frequent performer. But if you're buying for the whole band or if you're a teacher outfitting your class, you can get even more at once from a half-dozen bundle such as the Ultra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings 6 Pack or the Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings 6 Pack. Whether you pick them up one, three, four or six sets at a time, you're making a good choice with Cleartone acoustic guitar strings. Their unique coating lets them do something that few other strings can: sound and feel like uncoated strings, while lasting as long as coated strings. Say goodbye to choosing between performance and durability: when you play with Cleartone, you can have both.