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Classroom Posters & Banners

Your music classroom or lesson space should be a comfortable and welcoming area for anyone who enters it. After all, it's where wide-eyed young musical scholars will get their first taste of music education and where more experienced students will come to perfect their skills and techniques. Classroom posters and banners offer the perfect way to liven up the walls of your teaching space. These posters celebrate the past, present and future of music and can be a source of inspiration for educators, students and professional musicians alike.

If you're an elementary school music teacher or instruct lessons to young musicians, the Alfred Meet the Instruments 25 Poster Set introduces the many sights and sounds of the symphony orchestra and band to your students through colorful posters and study prints. Each of the 25 posters are printed on sturdy artboard and come with informative text printed on the back. Or, if you're looking for a smaller set of posters that showcases instruments, check out The Alfred Classroom Set of 6 Music Posters. These posters will have your students excited about music through the promotion of different genres from around the world.

This section is also home to instrument-specific classroom posters and banners. Are you teaching your students how to play the recorder? The Mel Bay Recorder Wall Chart beautifully and colorfully displays two octaves of baroque fingerings beginning at middle-C. Constructed of durable coated paper, this wall chart uses a handy key which vividly demonstrates the basics (and beyond) of recorder fingering. Got a group of beginner guitarists that happen to be lefties? The Mel Bay Left-Handed Children's Guitar Wall Chart is a fantastic reference for left-handed guitarists. It presents "E-Z Form" chords grouped by key with a handy note finder that shows the location of every note on the first five frets.

When it comes to the classroom posters and banners in this catalog, any choice you make is going to a fantastic one because everything here is designed to inspire young musicians and help broaden their musical knowledge. There is no limit to learning and incorporating any one of these posters or banners into your classroom will grow your students' interest in all things music.