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When it comes to brass instruments, it just doesn't get any simpler and more traditional than the bugle. Also known as a field trumpet, this horn is a fixture in military culture and the sound of a bugler playing taps is something that everybody recognizes in an instant. You won't find any valves on a bugle - instead, changing the pitch comes down to your embouchure. So although the instrument itself is as straightforward as can be, it's a real opportunity to show off your horn skills. Whether you're playing the last post at a military service or giving the calls at a Boy Scout camp, the bugles in this section are ready for the job. The Getzen M2003 American Heritage Series Bb Field Trumpet is a great example of the modern bugle. Made in yellow brass with a gold brass bell, this instrument can be had in your choice of silver or lacquered finishes depending on the look and the tonal brightness you're after. It's made in the USA and includes a mouthpiece as well as a soft-sided red, white and blue case. Plus, this bugle gives you the option of adding a G tuning slide in case you decide to go for an alternate sound. One step above the M2003 in Getzen's lineup is the M2003E American Heritage Elite Series Bb Field Trumpet. Like its little brother, it comes complete with a mouthpiece, the same-style case and the ability to swap in a G tuning slide. What sets the 'E' model apart is its #172 taper one-piece hand hammered bell, adding a handcrafted touch to make the tone just that little bit sweeter. If you want to see some of the best American horn craftsmanship in action, this bugle is the perfect way to do it. The bugle may not be the most common instrument on the block, but it's got a familiar home with groups like the Boy Scouts and the military. When you're calling soldiers to attention, or just looking to get a message out at a group function, nothing does it better than a bugle. It's all part of the enduring quality that bugles have in our culture, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon.