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Brass Repair Tools

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Keeping a brass instrument in prime playing condition doesn't just happen by itself - it requires care and maintenance over that instrument's lifetime. But not all of that care has to mean taking your instrument into the shop and footing a steep bill. You can do many of the routine tasks yourself, and the brass repair tools in this section will help you accomplish that. They range from simple tools to full-on repair kits loaded with spare parts and accessories, so you can usually find something capable of handling the job you're looking to do next. And even if you don't have a maintenance task on the horizon, it may be worth keeping some repair tools handy just in case!

One hurdle that confronts just about every brass instrument player is the challenge of oiling keys without making a mess - and the standard applicators on most oil bottles don't help matters much. This is a great opportunity for a simple repair tool to make things easier, with something like the Ferree's Tools Key Syringe Oiler available to help. For another example, think about how much of a headache it can be to replace a water key spring... but not with the Allied Music Supply Installer Water Key. This modest little tool makes short work of handling that tricky spring.

Looking for a wide selection of spare parts along with your tools? In that case, you might like the Valentino Product Sampler Kit. Filled with an assortment of corks and pads, as well as the tools to properly apply them, it's a brass or woodwind player's best friend. Still not enough for you? Size up to the Valentino Standard Repair Kit. Or, if you're responsible for a whole music class or band's worth of instruments, maybe it's time to go all-out with the Valentino Teacher's Travel Repair Kit.

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or simply a value-minded musician who would prefer to handle your own routine maintenance instead of hiring a tech to do it for you, the supplies you need to get started are here in this lineup of brass repair tools. Of course, there may still be service jobs that will require professional attention - but if you want to shift the boundary between those things and the tasks you can do at home, you've come to the right place to begin.