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Yamaha's Keyboard Stand for P515B is the ideal partner for the flagship Yamaha P515B digital piano. Specially crafted to provide rock-solid stability and a seamless esthetic match, this stand lets the P515B reach its full potential during practice, performance, and recording. With an elegant furniture-style design, it complements any decor while allowing for the optional LP1B triple pedal unit to connect—a must for piano traditionalists and professionals alike.

Purpose-Built for the P515B

As the dedicated stand for Yamaha's premium P515B digital piano, this keyboard stand was custom-designed to provide the ultimate support. Its sturdy frame and non-slip feet keep the 88-key P515B firmly in place during the most expressive and vigorous playing. With the P515B's authentic piano touch and tone, and this stand delivering a stable platform, the experience of playing a real acoustic grand piano can be fully realized.

Optional Triple Pedal Unit Compatibility

For those seeking an even higher level of realism and control, the LP1B triple pedal unit seamlessly connects to this stand. With its damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals, the nuance and expressiveness of a traditional piano can be replicated and customized to your exact preferences. The stand's open design also provides ample space for your feet and legs, enabling natural positioning that experienced pianists expect. Together, the P515B, this stand, and the LP1B pedal unit make a formidable setup for practice, performance, and studio work.

Crafted for Convenience

With a furniture-style form factor, this keyboard stand complements home decor and saves space. Its sturdy yet lightweight build also makes setup and teardown simple, ideal for gigging musicians and educators. A built-in cable management system keeps all connections organized and out of sight.

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