Celebrate the rich sounds of Africa with the unique X8 Ramadan Pro African Djembe.

Crafted to perfection by master woodworkers, these drums are made from legally-harvested and certified mahogany, goatskin and rope for an authentic feel and sound. The carvings on this drum represent "Mframadan," an African symbol for fortitude and readiness to face life's challenges. The high-quality blue rope runners allow for optimal tuning and serve as a bold accent to compliment the carving.

Because these djembes are each carved by hand and therefore unique, their sizes will fluctuate slightly. The small, medium and large models of the Ramadan Pro average 10x20, 12x24 and 14x26, respectively.
  • Professional mahogany djembe
  • African-inspired "Mframadan" decorative carving
  • High-grade blue tuning rope with 3-ring stability system
  • Hand crafted so that each drum is unique
  • Real goatskin head
  • Available in three sizes

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