The Haynes Handmade Drawn Tonehole Model Professional has outstanding intonation as well as superb craftsmanship and vibrant tonal quality. A must try for any professional looking for an affordable instrument. Haynes flutes are revered worldwide by legendary artists of the past and present.

  • Drop forged keys for solid construction
  • Drawn toneholes with raised cups
  • Vibrant sound and excellent intonation
  • 14K Gold riser
  • Body and Foot: Solid Silver
  • Head Joint: Solid Silver
  • Key Style: Open Hole with Raised Y Key Arms
  • Keys: Solid Silver
  • Riser: 14K gold
  • Mechanism: B Foot with Gizmo Key, Inline or Offset G
  • Pitch Standard: A=442
  • Springs: White Gold
  • Tone Holes: Drawn