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Professional Flutes

The fact that you're in this section means you're either an intermediate flute player who's ready to move up to a professional model, or a flutist who's ready to reward yourself for all those years of dedication to the instrument. Either way, you're in luck: companies like Altus, Pearl, Gemeinhardt and Azumi are well-known for the exceptional craftsmanship, playability and sound of their professional flutes, and they can all be found right here. Make no mistake, you'll have no problem turning heads when you're showcasing your talents on one of the flutes in these pages.

If you aren't familiar with professional flutes, you should know about some of their differences compared to intermediate models. For one thing, the quality of the metals is higher in a pro-level flute. Plus, components like the pointed key arms and the springs are more precisely crafted so the instrument plays more smoothly. For example, the affordably-priced Pearl 795 Elegante Vigore Professional Series Open Hole Flute is one of Pearl's best-selling instruments and you'll quickly understand why after playing it. Boasting handmade workmanship, flawless intonation and brilliant projection, everything about this flute was made to blow audiences away.

Another name you'll notice popping up often throughout this catalog is Altus. If you're looking for a flute in the $2000-$3000 price, Altus has many stunning choices to check out - but if you really want to go all out, feast your eyes on the Altus Limited Series Handmade Flute. Made by renowned flutemaker Shuichi Tanaka, the Altus Limited is considered by many to be his most innovative work to date. His new alloy creation known as Altus Silver contains 94.6% silver alloyed with a total of 17 other metals. From its seamed tube and Sterling silver keys to the B foot joint and optional split E mechanism, this may very well be the finest flute you'll ever have the pleasure of playing.

Truthfully, there so many remarkable professional flutes to touch on, we'd be here forever to mention them all, so your best bet is to dive in and see them for yourself. From their superior tone production to their amazing intonation control, every professional flute model here is designed specifically to make your skills shine to their highest degree.