Black Swamp Percussion

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The core of a SoundArt Series tambourine, like this Double-Row 10" tambourine is a solid, steambent ash shell, complemented by jingles made from tonally rich metal alloys and a calf head. Six models include configurations of Chromium 25, German silver, phosphor bronze and beryllium copper jingles.

Jingles are hammered in such a way to produce a full sonority while balancing different characteristics, such as attack, tessitura, sustain, projection and tone. For example, some jingle types emphasize bite, while others emphasize ring.

Premium calf skin is a traditional choice for orchestral tambourines.
Black Swamp Percussion SoundArt Series Double-Row 10" Tambourine With Calf Head 10 in. Beryllium Copper

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  • Calf head
  • Double row
  • 10" diameter
  • Includes plush padded bag and roll of beeswax