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Beetronics • ABELHA Tropical Fuzz

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The Abelha Tropical Fuzz effects pedal brings three lush fuzz tones in one phenomenal package. Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic fuzz sounds of Tropicália, this pedal captures vintage fuzz allure while looking ahead to the future.

Shape Your Sound With Three Distinct Fuzz Tones

At the heart of the Abelha tropical fuzz is a toggle switch offering three distinct fuzz flavors. Polen emulates a sagging, dying battery tone reminiscent of old-school germanium fuzz pedals. While "Nectar" delivers a huge, rounded fuzz tone and "Honey" provides a more focused fuzz with impressive versatility. With the turn of a switch, you can shift between these fuzz tones to suit the vibe of each song.

Transport Yourself With the Tropical Mode

For psychedelic soundscapes, activate the Tropical Mode, a high-pass filter that envelops your tone in trippy, tropical ambience. Engage it with a double tap on the footswitch or hold for swirling, momentary effects. Three footswitch profiles let you customize the tempo of the momentary function.

Sculpt Your Sound With Smart Controls

Shape your fuzz to perfection with the Abelha smart controls. The "Buzz" and "Loud" knobs dial in the amount of fuzz and overall volume, while "HI" and "LO" knobs deliver powerful yet intuitive EQ shaping. Whether you want scooped mids or boosted lows, the Abelha puts tonal control at your fingertips.

A Modern Take on Vintage Fuzz Appeal

The Abelha Tropical Fuzz brings vintage fuzz charm into the modern era. With its smooth, responsive controls and versatile sound-shaping options, this pedal makes it easy to craft fuzz tones all your own. Plug in and bridge the gap between fuzz nostalgia and forward-thinking tone innovation.

Beetronics FX Abelha Tropical Fuzz Effects Pedal Black Anodized
Beetronics FX Abelha Tropical Fuzz Effects Pedal Black Anodized
Beetronics FX Abelha Tropical Fuzz Effects Pedal Black Anodized

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  • Three distinct fuzz flavors: Polen, Nectar, Honey
  • Buzz and Loud controls adjust fuzz and volume
  • HI and LO EQ controls shape tone
  • Tropical Mode high-pass filter activates psychedelic soundscapes

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