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The bassoon's deep, warm characteristics can be heard in concert bands, orchestras and chamber music ensembles around the globe. Of course, as any experienced bassoonist already knows, playing this distinctive double reed instrument takes practice, persistence and a strong passion for the music created with it. For this reason, you need to choose your bassoon reeds wisely, and for that you've definitely come to the right place. Any woodwind instrument's playability and sound depends greatly on the quality of the reed, and bassoons are certainly no exception. Bassoon reeds come in many different shapes, sizes and strengths. For double reed instruments like the bassoon, it's usually suggested to go with a reed in the medium range because they'll provide the best balance of playability and sound quality without the need of any extensive adjustments. Of course, the longer you play the bassoon, you'll naturally develop a better sense of which reed strength is right for your playing style. While it isn't necessary for a beginner bassoonist to seek out anything too pricey, it's still important to go with a company that crafts their reeds with your aspirations in mind. For example, Andreas Eastman Bassoon Reeds are made from premium cane from the Var region of France. These reeds are also very affordable, and soft, medium, medium-hard and hard styles are available. Now, if you're already an experienced concert bassoonist and want a reed that makes your strongest talents shine even brighter, then the Legere Bassoon Synthetic Reed is for you. Made from polypropylene, this reed is cut from Legere's own polymer on 3-axis, computer-controlled precision cutting machines. Boasting a warmth and depth that today's elite player demands, the Legere Bassoon Synthetic Reed's consistency, durability and response is simply unrivaled. With its wide range and unique tone colors, the bassoon is both a fun and rewarding double reed instrument to take up. With that in mind, your progress as a player will speed up much faster if you give careful consideration to your reed options. By now you've probably realized that this selection of reeds has something for both casual and pro-level players, so go ahead and take your pick.