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These Bartolini 6RT Original upgrade pickups allow you to keep the legendary "Rickenbacker tone," but without the clank and noise of the Rick's abrasive high end. They provide bottomless lows and low-mids for your Rickenbacker 4001. 6RC and 6RT have long been the industry standard pro-level upgrades for Ricks. The neck pickup is a split-coil design much like a P Bass in a single pickup. The bridge pickup is a dual-coil humbucker. Both pickups are fully hum cancelling when played solo or together.

Bartolini 6RT Originals are full and warm for that vintage voice you've been craving, enhancing the natural voice of your bass. You'll never find lower tones produced with higher clarity. Made for pro-level bass players, they are fully sealed and shielded making them sweat-proof, quiet if you touch them, and immune to invisible noise from stage lights and studio power supplies. The cables are shielded too.
Bartolini 6RT Rickenbacker, 4-String, Original, Split Coil, Neck Position

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Give your Rick more kick. Order some Bartolini Original upgrade pickups today.

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