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A band's job is to play music, so naturally, the best way to get started is to collect music to play! And as you'll notice when looking through these band scores and parts, very little is off-limits for the ambitious band. There's enough variety that you can find something for any band's style or theme, and for every performance as well. Some titles are dedicated to specific pieces of music, while others are broad-based collections providing a wide sampling of different works for your band to try out. So feel free to go as specific or as general as you like - either way, you can find band scores and parts in this section that are sure to play nicely with your group.

If you're not certain where to start looking through the selection, why not search for music based on your band's level of experience? There are lots of materials rated for musicians of certain grades, like the Alfred Concert Band sets, or the Hal Leonard Music Works line. These collections have all kinds of different musical pieces available to choose from, so once you've narrowed them down to the grade in question, it's easy to pick the best composition for an upcoming concert or even just for playing in practice.

Another way to approach band scores and parts is to look for themes and areas of interest that your band might like to play. For example, books like the Alfred Suite from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Concert Band Grade 3.5 Set and the Alfred Man of Steel Suite from Concert Band Level 3.5 Set are fantastic options if you're interested in film scores. For specific genres of music, collections such as the Alfred Jazz Band Series may have what you're looking for. And there are even some band parts based on individual musicians, if you want to pay homage to some of music's legendary artists.

Of course, a band has its choice of what music it would like to play, and you're free to choose anything you want! With hundreds of band scores and parts to choose from, it's safe to say that no matter what that happens to be, you can probably find it within this lineup. Don't hesitate to jump in and take a look at all the options - and remember that you can narrow down the choices by refining the listings, making it easy to zero in on the best band scores and parts for your ensemble.