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Bad Cat Jet Black Guitar Amplifier | Demo and Overview with Peter Arends and Marc Ford play button

Bad Cat Jet Black Guitar Amplifier | Demo and Overview with Peter Arends and Marc Ford

Bad Cat

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From its founding in 1999, Bad Cat Amplifiers has been committed to designing and building Class-A/cathode-biased amplifiers that took that classic architecture into new, higher-gain lands while still maintaining its classic sonic signature. The company has stuck with that philosophy over the years, most notably with the Black Cat series. The Bad Cat Jet Black combo amplifier takes that approach and makes it louder, beefier and seriously turbo charged.

Bad Cat Jet Black Combo Front Panel

Dual-Channel Versatility

Whether you're looking for that classic, chimey, cathode-biased shimmer or something with a more substantial level of grunt that still carries the rich harmonic content of Class-A construction, the Bad Cat Jet Black combo takes you there. With the ability to switch from a spanky clean channel to an aggressive overdrive channel, you're good from printing chime to full-blown sonic overload and all points in between. Each channel has a dedicated master volume control, so it's easy to balance between the two. Bad Cat's versatile 3-band EQ section enables you to dial in tone from subtle to extreme.

Bad Cat Jet Black Combo Rear Panel

Flexible Connectivity

With clearly labeled speaker connections, it's easy to hook up extra speakers without breaking out a calculator to figure impedance values. The transparent solid-state-buffered effects loop also allows you to use the combo as a satellite for another amplifier, and a line output makes it simple to feed a board, an IR loader or an auxiliary power amp. It's the kind of versatility that makes your life as a performing or recording musician that much easier.

Bad Cat Jet Black Combo Full Rear View

More Power!

One thing that Class-A designs are known for is the ability to be far louder than you'd expect from the rated wattage. It's always amazing just how much volume the single pair of EL84 tubes in the Bad Cat Black Cat can pump out at their normal rating of 20W. The Bad Cat Jet Black combo ups that tube complement to a quartet of EL84s, almost doubling the rated output to 38W. When we say this puppy can get loud enough to curl (or straighten, depending on what you're starting with) your hair, we're not just joking. And, even when you're not trying to rip a hole in the fabric of reality, that extra power—and the headroom it provides—makes for an expanded dynamic range and an increased sensitivity to your individual touch on the strings. 

Bad Cat Jet Black Combo

Classic Effects With a Modern Twist

One of the most intriguing and evocative effects for an amp is the classic bias-modulated tremolo. Its liquid, flowing pulse carries a hint of added harmonic content, especially at higher intensity settings, that juices up any guitar part. Historic as it may be, it's rarely found on amps that are designed to rage and rock, but a beautiful example of this effect is built into the Bad Cat Jet Black. There's also a lush, rich reverb available to add the space and ambience you desire. If you're ready to rock and want an amp that lets you rage and be subtle at the same time, the Jet Black combo will definitely take you there. 

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  • Custom Bad Cat Transformers
  • Designed and built in Southern California
  • Two-button footswitch included

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • 38 watts
  • Four EL84 power tubes
  • Three 12AX7 tubes
  • 2 channels
  • Independent VOLUME and MASTER per channel
  • Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Studio-quality Reverb
  • Bias-Modulated Tremolo
  • Buffered FX Loop
  • Individual Speaker Outputs (16, 2x4, 2x8 ohms)
  • Line Out
  • Two-button footswitch: Channel Select and Tremolo
  • Baltic birch cabinet
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Combo Dimensions (WxDxH): 23.75" x 10.375" x 19"
  • Combo Weight: 48 lb.
  • 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker (Combo)
  • Two-button footswitch included