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The Resona Piccolo is made of aged, Tanzanian grenadilla wood and built by hand in the tradition set by Lillian Burkart.  The elegantly shaped key work is comfortable, reliable and fit to perfection.  The Burkart piccolo scale and tone hole shape are designed for balanced intonation and ease of play. All piccolo keys are made with silver plated mechanism, fitted with 10K gold springs, and include a split E mechanism.

Resona headjoints are hand cut by the expert headjoint makers at Burkart in two embouchure styles: a standard (classic) cut and a modified wave cut. The tenons and end rings of Resona piccolos are made of solid sterling silver, which enhances the tone of each piccolo.

This professional level piccolo delivers the reliability and reputation expected of the Burkart family of instruments.  Order today with the no-risk assurance of the Resona Quality Guarantee.

BURKART Resona Grenadilla Wood Piccolo Clarion Style Headjoint

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  • 100% Aged Tanzanian grenadilla wood
    Sterling Silver tenon & end-rings on piccolo and headjoint.
    Silver-plated mechanism designed to fit your hands.
    Split-E Mechanism
    The best piccolo scale
    10K White Gold Springs
    The Resona Quality Guarantee
    Includes: Durable case & cover, swab stick, cleaning cloth and authenticity certificate