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Have you always wanted to play the piccolo? Maybe you're a high school student who is ready to move up to a more advanced model; or, perhaps you're an experienced pro who wants to spoil themselves with a new instrument. Regardless of your skill level (or even your budget), the piccolo for you is waiting in this catalog. From Gemeinhardt and Pearl to Jupiter and Bulgheroni, these respected woodwind instrument brands take pride in crafting their piccolos for students, intermediates and professionals alike.

For those who aren't familiar with the instrument, here's a little background on the piccolo: while it wasn't used in an orchestra until 1700, the piccolo has existed in one form or another long before that year. A half-sized flute, the piccolo was quite popular in the baroque era, and in the mid-18th century composers like Mozart and Beethoven incorporated it into their overtures and symphonies. Another well-known usage of the piccolo was in the last repeat of the closing section of John Phillip Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever".

If you're a beginner, check out the Jupiter 301S Student Piccolo. This top-selling piccolo has a silver plated head and body. Durable and boasting excellent projection, it's obvious why the 301S is one of the most popular student piccolos on the globe. Now, for intermediate musicians, turn your attention to the Pearl Flutes PFP-105 Grenaditte Piccolo. Sporting a highwave-style headjoint, pinless construction and French pointed arm keys, this top-selling piccolo has the look and sound that would make any aspiring concertist a proud owner.

Last but not least, we'll ask all pros to feast their eyes on the Gemeinhardt KG Limited Professional Piccolo. Ideal for orchestras and wind ensembles, this piccolo delivers a sweet, warm sound from its grenadilla wood body. As a bonus, this work of art comes with a deluxe case and a cleaning rod to keep it in tip-top shape when it's not being played.

In addition to the exceptional models mentioned, there are plenty of other piccolos that will be sure to impress you. Anyone who has taken it upon themselves to learn such a dignified instrument deserves to play one that was crafted with careful precision to even the smallest detail - and by choosing a piccolo from this section, that's exactly what you'll get.