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The BOSS 1/4" straight instrument cable is engineered to transfer your guitar's tone with unparalleled accuracy. Featuring studio-grade, oxygen-free copper core wire and custom 1/4" connectors with gold-plated contacts, this high-performance cable reproduces the nuances of your playing with lifelike detail. The heavy-duty, braided shielding also provides ultraquiet operation and road-ready durability gig after gig.

Studio-Grade Copper Core for Pristine Tone

At the heart of this cable is a high-purity, oxygen-free copper core wire that preserves the full harmonic spectrum of your instrument's signal. Copper is prized for audio applications due to its ability to transmit a wide range of frequencies with minimal distortion or loss of clarity. Combined with gold-plated connectors, the copper core wire in this BOSS cable delivers your tone transparently from input to output.

Heavy-Duty Shielding for Noise-Free Performance

A durable, braided shield surrounds the copper core to defend against the buzzes, hums and other unwanted noise that can plague instrument cables. The tight braid construction blocks Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), allowing the true tone of your guitar to shine through without extraneous noise. For stage and studio use, the superior shielding on this Boss cable guarantees an ultraquiet, professional-level performance.

Road-Ready Durability

In addition to superior tone and shielding, this BOSS cable is built to handle the demanding conditions of travel and live performance. A woven outer jacket protects the cable from abrasions, tears and cuts, while the braided shield and copper core provide a durable yet flexible construction. Thanks to a lifetime guarantee from BOSS, you can rely on this cable to deliver your tone accurately for years to come.

Convenient Lengths

With your choice of lengths—5', 10', 15' and 20'—this BOSS 1/4" straight instrument cable provides ample slack for most stage setups and studio applications. The extended length allows free movement while performing and eliminates the hassle of connecting multiple shorter cables. 

BOSS 1/4" Straight - Straight Instrument Cable 10 ft.
BOSS 1/4" Straight - Straight Instrument Cable 10 ft.
BOSS 1/4" Straight - Straight Instrument Cable 10 ft.

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  • Custom 1/4" connectors with 24K gold-plated contacts
  • Heavy-duty braided shielding for quiet operation and durability
  • Woven outer jacket for flexibility and additional durability
  • Lifetime guarantee

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  • Straight 1/4" connectors
  • Choose
    • 5'/1.5 m length
    • 10'/3 m length
    • 15'/4.5 m length
    • 20'/6 m length

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