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Designed for Guy Pratt, The Interstellar from Ashdown is an updated take on a classic amp head. Inspired by Guy's use of his ABM-900s, the Interstellar-600 takes the power, reliability and tonal sophistication of the ABM to new levels of cool. Always an eye catcher, Guy has played bass on countless recordings and graced the stages of some of the most prestigious rock bands around the world. His signature amp needed to sit well on top of his pair of CL-310 cabs, have an input to power his Taurus Pedal and look as if it was created in the ’60s.

The Interstellar is a 600-watt powerhouse of a bass amp, beautifully finished in a custom enclosure and handmade in Ashdown's UK custom shop. Featuring a 9-band EQ section with the option to dial in the right amount of valve tone keeps the features of the ABM-EVO IV and adds the option to footswitch (footswitch supplied separately) the compression and the sub harmonics at fixed values according to Guy's exact specifications, making the Interstellar a very versatile head full of features.
Ashdown Interstellar-600 Guy Pratt Signature 600W Amplifier Head
Ashdown Interstellar-600 Guy Pratt Signature 600W Amplifier Head
Ashdown Interstellar-600 Guy Pratt Signature 600W Amplifier Head

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  • 9-band EQ
  • Tube drive
  • Professional connections
  • Flexible footswitching

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  • Power Output: 600W
  • Power Requirement: 115-230V
  • Speaker Outputs: 2 x Jack/Speakon outputs
  • Frequency Response: –3dB @ 17Hz und 30kHz
  • High Instrument Input Impedance: 3.9 mohms, input range 150mV
  • Low Instrument Input Impedance: 10 kohms, input range 300mV–40V p-p
  • Line Input Impedance: 22 kohms, input level 0dBu nominal
  • DI Output: 600 ohm balanced, Level 0dBu nominal
  • Tuner Output Impedance: 22 kohms, Level 0dBu nominal
  • Impedance Minimum: 4 ohms per side
  • Effects Send Impedance: 22 kohm, Level 0dBu nominal
  • Effects Return Impedance: 22 kohms, Input Level 0dBu Nominal
  • Pre-Amp Tubes: 1 x 12AX7

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Limited 1 year warranty on all amps.

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