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The Aquarian Super Kick II drum head delivers a powerful, defined kick drum sound for rock and heavy styles of music. This 2-ply, 22" drum head features Aquarian's patented Floating Muffling System—a narrow felt muffle ring attached to the backside of the head to produce a tight, punchy tone with minimal overtones. The Super Kick II is designed for players seeking an aggressive kick drum sound with a focused attack and short sustain.

Floating Muffling System Provides Built-In Control

Aquarian's innovative Floating Muffling System incorporates a felt damping ring attached to the underside of the drum head. This allows you to adjust the level of muffling to your desired sound by sliding the ring closer to or further from the edge of the drum head. For a shorter, tighter tone, position the ring closer to the center. For more resonance and a broader tone, move the ring toward the edge. This gives you complete control over your kick drum's tone and sustain.

2-Ply Construction Withstands Heavy Playing

The Super Kick II features two plies of Aquarian's proprietary drum head film for durability and consistency. This sturdy, 2-ply construction ensures the drum head can handle the punishing demands of hard-hitting playing styles without denting or warping. The added thickness also helps produce a full, round tone with solid low-end punch. For players seeking maximum volume and projection, the Super Kick II delivers.

Easy Installation and Tuning

Like all Aquarian drum heads, the Super Kick II installs quickly and tunes up easily to your desired pitch. An adhesive backing secures the felt muffling ring in place during installation. Simply remove the ring, install the drum head as normal using a standard drum key, re-attach the ring and tune the drum. The Super Kick II's focused tone allows for easy tuning by ear to achieve your perfect kick drum sound.

Additional Sizes Available

The Super Kick II drum head is available in 14", 16", 18", 20" and 22" sizes to suit a variety of kick drums. For a punchy, defined tone in a compact kick, choose a smaller 14" or 16" size. Larger 18"-22" sizes will produce a full, resonant kick drum tone with solid low-end projection perfect for rock and heavy styles.

Aquarian Super Kick II Drum Head 20 in.

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  • Two layers of 7-mil thick NEW BRITE drum head film
  • Vacuum molded process for clarity
  • Floating muffle system for control
  • White texture coating adds warmth

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