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The Aquarian Super Kick I Drumhead 22" delivers a clear, balanced tone with chest-thumping low end. Aquarian's patented Floating Muffling System features a narrow felt muffle ring attached to the backside of the medium-weight drumhead to produce a tight, defined bass drum sound with plenty of punch. Built to withstand the demands of heavy-hitting rock and metal drummers, this single-ply drumhead offers durability and consistency gig after gig. The Super Kick I is a high-performance drumhead upgrade for drummers wanting focused low-end response and power.

Floating Muffling System Provides Controlled Low-End Response

At the heart of the Super Kick I's powerful tone is Aquarian's Floating Muffling System. The narrow felt muffle ring attached to the backside of the drumhead mutes unwanted overtones to produce a tight, controlled bass drum sound with clearly articulated low end. You can achieve a range of sounds by adjusting the muffle ring's positioning on the drumhead. For maximum volume and projection, center the muffle ring. Shift it closer to the edge of the drumhead for a punchier, more focused tone. With the Super Kick I, you have a versatile tool for crafting their perfect kick drum sound.

Single-Ply Clarity and Medium Weight for Balance of Tone

The Super Kick I features a single ply of medium-weight Aquarian film for a clear, open tone with balanced highs, mids and lows. The medium-weight film provides enough durability and projection for pounding rock drummers yet with sufficient warmth, resonance and sensitivity for drummers wanting a more natural acoustic sound. The single ply enhances clarity and articulation, allowing drummers to achieve a kick drum tone that cuts through a mix with punch and definition.

Rugged Build Quality for Demanding Drummers

Aquarian designs the Super Kick I to handle the demands of heavy-hitting drummers, night after night. The medium-weight Aquarian film is highly resistant to dents, tears and wear, providing durability and consistency. The sturdy muffle ring also withstands repeated strikes without shifting out of place. For drummers wanting a hard-working kick drumhead to keep up with an aggressive playing style, the Super Kick I delivers rock-solid performance and reliability.

Aquarian Super Kick I Drumhead 22 in.

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