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Amplifiers are critical equipment for any guitarist or bassist, and they play a role nearly as important as our instruments themselves in creating our sound. Considering that, it's safe to say they deserve more than a little respect! And while most amps are just fine sitting right on the stage, they can be even better if you show them some love by treating them to amplifier stands. There are lots of benefits here: a stand will tilt your amp back so you can hear it better, and with the reduced stage noise, so will the audience. The controls will be easier for you to reach, and by taking your combo amp off the ground a bit, you can totally avoid the risk of your grill cloth being accidentally kicked.

If you're looking for something small, either for portability or the simplest setup where you use your combo amp as a personal stage monitor, try starting your search with a look at tripod stands like the Ultimate Support Amp-150 Genesis Amp Stand and support arms like the Hamilton UniStand Guitar Amp Stand. These are about as small as they come, so they're easy to pack in the car or touring van. And in the case of tripod stands, they can also give you some accessory options - the On-Stage Stands RS7500 Tiltback Amp Stand, for instance, has a threaded end for attaching microphone booms and other add-ons.

Looking for something a little more robust, something taller, or maybe your monster amp is just plain too heavy for a tripod? In that case, you'll want a sturdier-framed model. To position the cabinet on or near the stage floor, go for something like the Musician's Gear Folding Tiltback Amp Stand or the Gator Combo Amp Stand. Or, if your amp would be happier in a higher position, how about the ProLine PL7000 Adjustable Amp Stand or a similar model?

Naturally, you're the only one who knows what sort of stand will be the best fit for your amp and your personal performance needs. Whether that means a floor wedge or a fully height-adjustable deluxe model is up to you, and since no two gigs are exactly the same, you might even decide to collect an assortment of different amplifier stands so you can pick out the best one each time. The choice is yours, and with so many options in this section, you've got plenty to choose from!