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Alto Professional TS412 & TS415 Loudspeakers | Features & Specificationsplay button

Alto Professional TS412 & TS415 Loudspeakers | Features & Specifications


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Since their first iteration, the Alto Professional TrueSonic 12", two-way powered loudspeakers have excelled at delivering pro-level audio that's seriously affordable while not compromising on quality. The latest-generation TrueSonic 412, or TS412, doubles down on that promise, with smart new DSP, more power, flexible app control and stunningly effective Bluetooth wireless stereo linking.

Alto Pro TS412

Power in Reserve

Packing 2,500W of peak Class-D power, the Alto Professional TS412 has plenty of power to spare, providing the headroom you need for the best quality. Class-D amps also help make the TS412 incredibly lightweight, at just 33 lb. Alto Professional's fanless cooling designs help keep the weight down, as well, while adding to durability. The custom 12" low-frequency and 1" exit ceramic high-frequency driver combine with that massive power to provide a peak output of 132dB, so the TS412 is at home in any small- to medium-size venue.

Alto Pro TS412 At Work

Flexible, Customizable DSP

Expanding from previous analog designs into the world of digital signal processing (DSP), Alto Professional has built immense flexibility into the TS412. With three available factory DSP presets—Flat, Live and DJ—plus a fourth, User Custom preset where you can store settings from the internal 6-band parametric EQ, the TS412 excels in almost any environment, whether pole-mounted, flown or used as a monitor wedge. The internal DSP also enabled Alto to have greatly increased control over internal filtering and limiting, which allows the TS412 to bring more clarity and punch to its output, delivering greater SPL while retaining equally great sound.

Alto Pro TS412 App Control

Easy App Control

Along with the DSP, the Alto Professional TS412 debuts a new mobile control app for iOS and Android devices. From the connected app, each TS412 is individually connectable and addressable, so each speaker in your system can have different settings, all controlled from a single location, offering unparalleled ability to tune speakers to a room. Or, individual band members can have control of the monitor in front of them from their own phone. The choices are plentiful. The app can change the speaker settings, control the EQ, control the Bluetooth volume, and more—virtually every user adjustable setting on the speaker is available from the app. 

Alto Pro TS412 Connections

Expanded Connectivity

When it comes to connections, Alto Professional provides all you expect, and then some. With two Mic/Line switchable, combination XLR/1/4" jack inputs and a Mix out, the TS412 can run as a standalone system for solo singer-songwriter gigs or speaking engagements, either singly, or in pairs. You can also switch the internal high-pass filter to match any size of connected subwoofer (from any manufacturer, not just theirs, as Alto pointed out to us), or set it to full range when no sub is connected. The TS412's added Bluetooth capability goes beyond merely allowing you to play music from any Bluetooth device. A pair of TS412s can be stereo-linked via Bluetooth for a totally wireless stereo setup. There's even a convenient USB charge port to keep your smartphone or tablet topped off so the party can last all night. 

Alto Pro TS412 Live Setup


As has been their habit, Alto overdelivers with the TrueSonic 4 series. With massive power, immense flexibility and superb connectivity, these compact, lightweight powered loudspeakers make you and your band, or your venue, sound great while leaving some ducats in the bank for other gear.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • 2,500W for powerful performance
  • Free Alto App (iOS/Android) for remote configuration and control
  • Bluetooth audio streaming direct from device
  • Onboard DSP with four Speaker Use modes (including Custom EQ via App)
  • True Wireless Stereo speaker linking via Bluetooth
  • Integrated 3-channel mixer with dual XLR 1/4" combo inputs, mic/line switches and independent level controls
  • XLR Mix output, Speaker Use, and Sub Size Controls
  • 12" driver, 2.5" (63 mm) high-temperature voice coil
  • 1" exit ceramic driver with 1.4" (35 mm) coil
  • Lightweight enclosure for easy transport, setup and installation
  • Versatile design—pole-mountable, wedge monitor or flown application with integral M10 suspension points
  • Powerful and efficient Class-D amplifiers with fanless cooling design to run cleaner, quieter and with greater longterm reliability
  • Designed and tuned in the USA

collapse expand iconSpecs

Output Power
  • 2,500W
Low-Frequency Driver
  • 12" driver
  • 2.5" (63 mm) high-temperature voice coil
  • 800W RMS @ 2 ohms
High-Frequency Driver
  • 1.0" exit ceramic driver
  • 1.4” (35 mm) coil
  • 450W @ 4 ohms
Crossover Frequency
  • 2kHz
Maximum SPL
  • Peak dBSPL @ 1 m: 132dB
  • Continuous dBSPL @ 1 m: 129dB
Frequency Response
  • 53Hz–20kHz (+/–3dB)
Frequency Range
  • 44Hz–20kHz (–10dB)
Horn Coverage
  • 90° horizontal x 60° vertical (nominal)
  • XLR + 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS combo inputs (balanced): 2
  • XLR output (link): 1
  • IEC power cable input: 1
Input Impedance Line
  • Balanced: 10 kohms
  • Unbalanced: 20 kohms
  • Mic: 1.2K
  • Line Gain/Volume Control Range
  • –∞ to 0dB, +4dBu nominal
  • +10dBu for max output
Mic/Inst. Gain/Volume Control Range
  • –∞ to +50dB
USB Charging Port
  • 5V
  • 2.1A
  • Power switch
  • 2 gain control knobs (1 per input)
  • 2 Mic/Line switches
  • Bluetooth volume control encoder
  • Pairing button
  • Stereo Link button
  • Sub Size button
  • Speaker Use button
  • 1 Input Channel Signal/Limit/Clip LED (Green = Ch1/2 Signal) (Yellow = Ch1/2 Limiter) (Red = Ch1/2 Output Clipped)
  • 1 Bluetooth LED (blue)
  • 1 Link LED (orange)
  • 4 DSP Presets LED (green)
  • 3 HPF LED (green)
Power Connection
  • IEC
  • 100–120V, 50–60Hz
  • 220–240V, 50–60Hz
  • 1,100W
  • 100–120V T15AL AC250V
  • 220–240V T6.3AL AC250V
  • Electronic clip
  • Thermal
  • Transducer overdrive
  • Enclosure: Injected Molded Enclosure and Perforated Metal Grille
  • Mounting/Installation: Standard 36 mm pole socket, flown application with integral M10 suspension points, or in a wedge monitor position
  • Operating Temperature: –10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 23.9" x 13.9" x 13.8"
  • Weight: 33 lb.

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