Alesis designed the Strike Pro SE electronic drum set to push the limits of what an e-kit can be. These flagship e-drums feature a unique, full-size 20″ kick drum for incredible feel, impact and presence, latest-generation mesh heads for unequalled response, and the most capable Alesis module ever, all in a package that’s dripping with visual flair. Add five large cymbal pads with rubber coating for comfort and volume control, and the result is a kit deserving of the Special Edition title.

Alesis Strike Pro SE special-edition electronic drum set with dual-zone mesh heads, full-size kick drum and ride, crash and hi-hat cymbal pads

The flagship Alesis e-kit, kicked up another notch

The original Alesis Strike Pro e-drums were revolutionary in their own right, featuring all-new drum and cymbal design, plus the powerful Strike Pro module. The Strike Pro SE improves on that legacy even further. This kit uses dual-zone mesh heads for the 14″ snare and 8, 10, 12 and 14″ toms, meaning their response is faster, more natural and easier-playing than ever before. And to match the full-size drum pads, this kit also includes a spacious 16″ ride, three 14″ crashes and a moveable hi-hat, plus a 20″ kick drum with a full-size resonant shell.

Full-size 20″ Alesis Strike Pro SE electronic bass drum with mesh heads, wood shell, wrap finish and single kick pedal (not included)

Real stage presence from a full-size electronic kick drum 

At the center of the Alesis Strike Pro SE e-kit is the innovative full-size kick drum, a trigger that looks and feels like an acoustic drum. Gone are the days of struggling to pound out kick patterns on small rubber pads—this bass drum has a 20″ diameter and matching shell with realistic depth, meaning your feet will feel at ease right away, even if it's your first electronic drum set. And there’s no need to be bashful about using your electronic kit in a performance situation, as the red sparkle finish on this drum will anchor your kit with plenty of stage presence.

Alesis Strike Pro SE electronic cymbal pad with rubber coating, large bell and cosmetic hammer marks

Five next-generation cymbal pads including spacious 16″ ride 

The triple-zone Strike Pro SE 16″ ride, 14″ crash and 14″ movable hi-hat cymbal pads are covered with a new, thick, comfortable rubber that creates the perfect blend of feel, control, bounce and volume. This model includes three crash pads so you can sample a variety of sounds on one kit, giving you the freedom to vary your fills and accents. These advanced cymbal pads also offer a larger bell area for enhanced playability, especially for the ride cymbal, along with a “hammered” look that mimics acoustic cymbal texture. Plus, they're much quieter than traditional e-cymbals, perfect for late-night practice sessions when volume needs to be minimized.

Alesis Strike Pro module with 136 kits, 1,800 instruments, onboard sampling, custom kit editor, USB/MIDI connection and 4.3″ color LED screen

The most advanced Alesis module ever

The Strike Pro Module is the most versatile and capable module Alesis has ever offered, with a sound library of 136 custom kits made from over 1,800 instruments and 45,000 samples. The module has onboard sampling capability, 16GB external card storage and USB/MIDI connectivity, which you can use in conjunction with your favorite music production software, as well as the powerful Strike Software Editor, to make this e-kit uniquely your own. Assemble your own custom samples into multiple velocity layers and round robin instruments to create the perfect drum kit. Transfer it onto the module via USB, and you'll have your signature sound at your fingertips. Thanks to the 4.3″ color LED screen, you can keep track of these settings and choices at a quick glance.

Alesis Strike Pro SE rack tom pad with red sparkle wood shell, black hardware and gold tension rods, mounted to hardware rack with L-rod

Premium acoustic looks from an advanced e-kit

Just like lugs on acoustic drums, the Strike Pro SE special-edition lugs are attached directly to the premium hybrid wood shells, allowing direct adjustment of head tension with a regular drum key. The realistic progressive tom sizes, full-size snare and special-edition kick combine with the shells and hardware to create an immersive electronic drum experience. And with striking black hardware, gold SE tension rods and the visually distinctive striped mesh heads, this kit looks as good as it feels.

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