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The Alesis Command Mesh Kit Special Edition delivers an unparalleled playing experience for drummers of all levels. With premium mesh drum pads that feel and respond like real drumheads and a command advanced drum module packed with 671 instrument sounds and 74 complete kits, this electronic kit lets you explore a world of percussion. Now you can switch between acoustic drums, electronic tones and everything in between with the turn of a dial.

Natural-Feeling Mesh Pads Respond Like Real Drums

The Alesis Command Mesh Kit Special Edition features mesh drum pads that provide the realistic feel and rebound of acoustic drumheads. Their tunable design means you can adjust the tension to your perfect playing response. The snare and tom pads are dual-zone, enabling you to trigger different sounds from the head and rim for enhanced expressiveness. You can even choke the crash and ride cymbals for authentic cymbal performance.

Command Advanced Drum Module Packed With Sounds

At the heart of this electronic kit lies the Command Advanced Drum Module, offering an expansive collection of 671 drum and percussion sounds as well as 74 complete kits. Choose from 54 pre-made kits or design up to 20 of your own. Multi-sampled sounds provide dynamic variations to produce natural-sounding rolls and swells. USB connectivity allows you to import your own samples and save recordings for playback and sharing.

All-Inclusive Hardware for Immediate Playing

The Alesis Command Mesh Kit Special Edition comes with all necessary hardware for setup and playing. The four-post rack stand provides a sturdy foundation for the drum and cymbal pads. Dual-chain drum pedals, connection cables, drumsticks and a power supply ensure you have everything needed to start jamming. A key is included for making kit adjustments, and the premium gig bag provides convenient transport and storage for your electronic drum set.

Recording and Educational Features Expand Your Skills

This innovative e-kit enables you to record up to five tracks internally or unlimited tracks via USB, allowing you to capture your performances for review and improvement. You can also connect the module to your DAW using the USB/MIDI connection. Alesis and Melodics offer additional tools for learning popular drum tracks and honing your drumming techniques through interactive guidance.

Alesis Command Mesh Kit Special Edition
Alesis Command Mesh Kit Special Edition
Alesis Command Mesh Kit Special Edition

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  • Five mesh pads (10" snare, 8" kick and three 8" toms)
  • Three 10" cymbal pads (hi-hat, crash and ride)
  • Drum module includes 74 kits and 671 sounds
  • Comes with a sturdy four-post rack that folds up for storage, a kick pedal, drum sticks, drum key, power supply and cables

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One year parts and labor warranty on all keyboards, DAT, and modules.
One year or 1500 hour warranty (whichever comes first) on tape heads.
Custome must register purchase online to receive customer registration number and warranty.
(No warranties are sent with product.)