The AirTurn Manos tablet holder and clamp are designed to be the perfect solution for live performers who need easy access to lyrics, sheet music or anything else displayed on their screen. The included side mount fits any standard microphone or cymbal stand, and the two sturdy arms can acommodate anything from a smartphone to a full-size 13" tablet like the iPad Pro.

Instead of using the simple rubber pads typical to smartphone holders, AirTurn designed a set of thumbs and fingers at the end of each arm that can grip the tablet naturally, with enough room to fit protective cases like Otterbox or Griffin Survivor.

The included Manos mount makes it easy to rotate the tablet or smartphone 360 degrees, with locking mechanisms to keep it from drifting. The whole rig can be folded into a flat position, making it easy to carry with you.

The perfect tablet holder to use on stage

Many performers find ease in storing digital sheet music, lyrics, notation or tabs on their tablet or phone, so that they don't have to worry about losing pieces of paper during the chaos before a show. Other performers use their tablets to control audio, lighting, backing tracks, metronomes and more from their vantage point on stage. No matter what you use your tablet for, the Manos holder will keep your screen close at hand. 

The included mount allows players to position the tablet anywhere, whether it's to the side or front of a microphone stand, or on a cymbal stand for drummers who want to keep track of sheet music or notes. The combination of mount and holder allows the user to rotate the screen a full 360 degrees, with locking positions in portrait and landscape views. And for those who prefer a customized view, the mount also features a self-tightening hinge that stays put at any angle.

Universal design works for content creators of all kinds

You don't need to be a musician or singer to benefit from this versatile tool—the AirTurn Manos tablet holder can be just as useful for YouTubers, podcasters, streamers, presenters, athletes and anyone else who needs a reliable solution for keeping their tablet in place. Slideshow and teleprompter apps let presenters follow notes or display scripts out of audience view, only reaching down to switch slides. The highly adjustable mount can also be rigged up for easy podcasting, video blogging and streaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

There are unexpected uses, too—cooks can keep their counter space clear while following a recipe app, and athletes can mount the tablet at the perfect height and distance for sports analysis apps that break down their baseball, golf or tennis swings. With easy fold-flat construction that fits into a backpack, this holder and clamp are easy to bring anywhere, so you can unlock the potential of your tablet like never before.
  • Universal mount for any tablet, including the iPad Pro
  • Fits any standard microphone stand or thread
  • Hold anything from a smartphone to a 13" diagonal screen tablet
  • Rotate your tablet or smartphone 360 degrees
  • Locking positions in portrait and landscape views
  • Can grip an Otterbox, Griffin Survivor and other protective cases
  • Tablet cannot exceed 8.25" on narrowest side

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