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The Pop Audio gooseneck provides flexible microphone positioning for vocalists, podcasters and streamers. This fully adjustable gooseneck allows precise angling of the microphone for optimal placement, accommodating various sound sources. Paired with Pop Audio pop filter replacements for sound control, the gooseneck offers a versatile and reliable solution for custom microphone setups.

Pop Audio Gooseneck Black
Pop Audio Gooseneck Black
Pop Audio Gooseneck Black

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  • Total length incl. clamp: 422.97 mm
  • Diameter Gooseneck: 24.8 mm
  • Max. tilt angle per balljoint: 26º
  • Max. opening diameter of clamp: 21.38 mm
  • Max. load capacity: 400 g
  • Material: ADAC12, POM, TPE
  • Net. Weight Product: 316 g

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