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The dialtune 6.5x14" black nickel over brass snare drum delivers a crisp, cutting smack with each strike. Its 1.2 mm nickel-plated brass shell produces a bright, resonant tone balanced across the frequency range. This versatile 14" snare is at home in any genre, from rock to funk to jazz. With the patented dialtune system, you can precisely tune the top and bottom drum heads independently. Quick-release hoops allow fast head changes, while the sturdy die-cast lugs and standard snare throw-off provide reliable hardware. Plus, each drum includes extra lengths of the proprietary high-strength synthetic cable, rated to over 500 lb.

Tune the Heads Separately for Customized Response

The dialtune system gives you precision control over the top and bottom drum heads with independent tuning dials. This lets you customize the snare wires' interaction with the bottom head, tuning the top looser or tighter. Find your ideal snare response for recording sessions where every subtlety comes through. For live shows, increase head tension to project your backbeats to the crowd. The patented dialtune synthetic fiber cables remain stable over time, maintaining consistent tension.

Quick-Release Hoops Allow Fast Head Changes

Thanks to the quick-release hoops, you can swap out drum heads on the dialtune brass snare in minutes. The hoops connect securely to the shell with a simple lever, without needing to completely detach the tension rods. This saves you valuable time whether replacing worn heads at a gig or experimenting with different brands for a studio session. The standard snare throw-off also provides a familiar and reliable snare release mechanism.

Die-Cast Lugs Add Stability for Consistent Tone

The dialtune snare features sturdy die-cast lugs to hold the dialtune cables. These lugs firmly grip each tension rod, preventing slipping that could throw off your carefully tuned drum heads. Gig after gig, your snare tone will remain consistent. The lug's solid metal construction also enhances the projection of the nickel-plated brass shell.

Includes Extra High-Strength Tuning Cables

Each dialtune brass snare ships with additional lengths of the proprietary synthetic tuning cable. Rated to over 500 lb., these cables maintain tension without stretching over time like traditional wires. If one breaks, simply replace it with the included extra cable. Restringing takes just 5-15 minutes, letting you get back to drumming quickly. Keep your snare sounding its best every time you sit down to play.

dialtune Black Nickel Over Brass Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in.

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