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The ddrum Dominion Birch 6-piece shell pack delivers a bold yet balanced tone that cuts through the mix. Featuring 100% birch shells, Remo drumheads and robust hardware, this professional-level set is ready to handle any musical situation.

Birch Shells Produce Powerful, Articulate Sound

At the heart of the ddrum Dominion Birch are 100% birch shells, renowned for their wide tuning range, sensitivity and punchy midrange. The shells are expertly crafted using a precision 45° bearing edge for enhanced resonance and sustain. When paired with Remo drumheads, the birch shells generate a powerful yet articulate tone with plenty of attack and warmth.

Complete Set of Sizes for Versatility

The ddrum Dominion Birch includes a comprehensive set of drum sizes to handle any musical scenario. It features 22"x18" kick drums, 12"x9" and 16"x16" mounted toms, a 16"x16" floor tom and a 14"x6.5" snare drum. An additional 8" tom is included for free, providing an option for extra percussion. With this versatile collection of drums, the ddrum Dominion Birch can achieve tones from hard rock to fusion to electronica.

Roadworthy Hardware and Finish

Designed for gigging musicians, the ddrum Dominion Birch includes heavy duty hardware that stands up to the rigors of the road. The set comes equipped with steel tripod stands, tom arms, floor tom legs, bass drum spurs and a snare stand—all built for stability, adjustability and durability. A brushed olive metallic finish gives the ddrum Dominion Birch a sleek look under stage lighting, with a textured surface that hides small scratches. Overall, this set is ideal for touring bands, working musicians and dedicated hobbyists alike.

Premium Set at an Accessible Price

With high-quality birch shells, professional-level hardware and an attractive finish, the ddrum Dominion Birch provides a premium set of drums at an accessible price point. Drummers can now have a complete, gig-ready drum set that won't break the bank.

ddrum Dominion Birch 6-Piece Shell Pack With Free 8" Tom Brushed Olive Metallic
ddrum Dominion Birch 6-Piece Shell Pack With Free 8" Tom Brushed Olive Metallic
ddrum Dominion Birch 6-Piece Shell Pack With Free 8" Tom Brushed Olive Metallic

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  • Classic Dominion box-style lugs
  • Memory locks on all floor tom legs
  • 2.3 mm triple-flanged hoops for tuning stability
  • Integrated triple-point suspension system with minimal shell contact
  • 100% birch shells which accentuate boosted high-end frequencies
  • 6-ply, 7 mm toms and floor toms, 8-ply, 9.5 mm snare and bass drums
  • 7-piece pack, including one 18x22" 10-lug bass drum, three rack toms (7x8", 8x10", 9x12"), 14x14" and 16x16" floor toms, and a 6.5x14" 10-lug snare with Remo drum heads
  • Cymbals and hardware sold separately

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  • Bass drum dimensions: 18x22"
  • Rack toms: 3
  • Rack tom dimensions: 7x8", 8x10", 9x12"
  • Floor tom dimensions: 14x14", 16x16"
  • Snare: 6.5x14"
  • Material: Birch
  • Tom and floor tom thickness: 7 mm
  • Snare and bass drum thickness: 9.5 mm
  • Bearing edge: 45-degree

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One year parts and labor warranty on all Nord and Ddrum products with the exception of 30 day warranty on drum triggers.

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