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The MS-50G+ MultiStomp packs 100 studio-quality guitar effects into a single pedalboard-friendly unit. Guitarists can now sculpt highly customized tones with a combination of classic emulations and Zoom originals, including preamps developed with Multi-Layer IR technology. Chain up to 6 effects together to design and save your own patches, then instantly switch between them with the Cross Key switches during performance.

100 Effects Provide Unlimited Tonal Possibilities

With 100 effects to choose from—including the latest Drives, Modulations, Delays, Reverbs, Compressors, Filters and Special Effects—the creative possibilities are endless. Emulate iconic tones or craft something entirely new. The color-coded LCD screen makes navigating the massive effects library quick and intuitive. No matter your musical style or preferences, the MS-50G+ has the tools to shape your signature sound.

Design Custom Patches for a Personalized Pedalboard

Why limit yourself to a single effect when you can chain up to 6 together? The MS-50G+ lets you combine your favorite effects to design entirely unique patches. Save your creations and recall them instantly during practice or performance with the Cross Key switches. With the ability to store up to 50 user patches, you'll never run out of custom tones to experiment with.

Expand Your Sound with the Handy Guitar Lab App

Connect the MS-50G+ to your iOS device and the free Handy Guitar Lab app to unlock additional patches and effects. As Zoom continues expanding the app's library, you'll have an ever-growing palette of tones to explore.

Zoom MS-50G+ Multistomp Guitar Effects Pedal White
Zoom MS-50G+ Multistomp Guitar Effects Pedal White
Zoom MS-50G+ Multistomp Guitar Effects Pedal White

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