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The Zoom MS-200D+ Multi-Stomp packs an astounding selection of over 200 drives and distortions into one rugged unit, giving you endless tone-tweaking potential at your feet. This flagship distortion pedal from Zoom overflows with original distortions and emulations of classics that every guitarist needs in their arsenal. Dial in the perfect tone to articulate your riffs, solos, power chords and more with the MS-200D+.

Sculpt Your Sound With Over 150 All-New Zoom Original Distortions

Inside the feature-packed MS-200D+, you'll discover over 150 unprecedented original distortions dreamed up by Zoom's engineering team. These spans the gamut from subtle boosts to heavy distortions and everything in between. The sheer range means you can fine-tune your tone for any genre or playing style. On top of the new originals, it includes precise emulations of 36 revered distortion pedals from BOSS, MXR and other iconic brands. With so many distortion flavors at your feet, your tone will always stand out with the MS-200D+.

Design Custom Distortions With Any Two Effects Chained Together

The creative possibilities are nearly endless with the ability to chain any two distortions together to cook up your own signature tones. Want more gain on your overdrive? Stack it with a fuzz for a rich, saturated distortion. Getting lost onstage? Put a booster before your distortion to tighten up your sound and cut through the mix. With up to 200 custom patch slots, you can craft an array of distortions that are uniquely you. Save your custom creations and recall them instantly during gigs and studio sessions.

Distinguish Distortions Easily With Color Changing Display

With so many distortions on tap, Zoom gave the MS-200D+ a color-changing display to help you distinguish between them. The LCD screen changes color as you scroll through the various drive and distortion types. See red when you're dialed into a high-gain distortion or green when you've got a mild overdrive engaged. The colorful visual feedback makes it easy to know your sound at a glance.

Instantly Switch Sounds and Make Tweaks With Ease

The MS-200D+ is designed for seamless transitions and foot-operated tweaking on the fly. Instantly change distortions with the foot-operated cross key switches. Adjust and fine-tune the sound of each effect with four intuitive encoder knobs. With hands-free control over your distortion tones, you can focus on your playing and not your pedalboard.

Zoom MS-200D+ Multi-Stomp Distortion Effects Pedal Yellow
Zoom MS-200D+ Multi-Stomp Distortion Effects Pedal Yellow
Zoom MS-200D+ Multi-Stomp Distortion Effects Pedal Yellow

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  • 200 drive and distortion effects
  • 150 all-new Zoom original effects plus 36 classic emulations
  • Create custom patches by chaining any two effects
  • Color changing display shows effect type
  • Footswitches for instant effect changes
  • Four control knobs for tweaking parameters
  • Runs on batteries, USB-C or AC power
  • Onboard chromatic tuner
  • iOS app for even more effects

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