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Zoom G6 Multi-Effects Processor - Introduction


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The Zoom G6 multi-effects processor is a revolutionary multi-effects pedal that puts studio-quality guitar effects at your feet. Packed with over 100 immaculate models, 200 presets and the ability to chain up to six effects at once, the G6 delivers everything you need to craft iconic guitar tones. With an intuitive interface, creating and editing your own sounds is a breeze.

Pristine HD Reverb and Delay Effects

The G6 features 24 high-definition reverb and delay effects with studio-grade sound quality, including hall, room, plate, reverse, tape echo, analog delay and more. With up to 1.2 seconds of delay time and reverb tails up to 60 seconds, you can achieve massive, ambient soundscapes with crystal-clear fidelity.

Authentic Amp Emulation and Cab Simulation

The G6 provides 22 acclaimed amp models and 9 cabinet emulations for a wide range of tones from sparkling clean to face-melting overdrive. It includes emulations of classic tube amps like the Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JCM800, Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier and ENGL Fireball 100. Pair your favorite amp model with cabinet simulations like 4x12 British stack or 1x12 open back combo for fully authentic tone.

Stompbox and Routing Flexibility

With six simultaneous effects blocks, the G6 offers unparalleled flexibility in chaining and reorganizing effects. You can place modulation before drive, reverb before delay or any combination you like. The G6 also includes emulations of 10 legendary stompboxes including the Ibanez Tube Screamer, Pro Co Rat, Boss DS-1 and more. With the ability to rearrange and bypass any effect block, you have full control over your signal chain.

Simple Interface

Despite its power and performance, the G6 features an intuitive interface with dedicated knobs and switches for each effect parameter. Easily tweak tones on the fly at a gig or in the studio.

Zoom G6 Multi-Effects Processor
Zoom G6 Multi-Effects Processor
Zoom G6 Multi-Effects Processor

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Integrated pedal board with 6 stomp switches and expression/volume pedal
  • Ultimate Zoom FX processor technology with custom amp modeling
  • 4.3˝ color LCD touch-screen interface
  • Chain up to 7 effects + amp emulation
  • IR load function for speaker cabinet simulation
  • New Play Mode Footswitch provides instant access to different play modes
  • Easy-to-see backlit panel with color-coded stomp effects
  • Built-in USB audio interface (2-in / 2-out)
  • 68 rhythm patterns
  • 45-second onboard looper; expandable up to 2 hours with an optional SD card.
  • Compatible with Zoom Guitar Lab
  • Wireless control via optional Bluetooth adapter (BTA-1) with Handy Guitar Lab app
  • What’s in the Box
    • G6 Multi-Effects Processor
    • Zoom AD-16 AC Adapter
    • Quick Guide
    Optional 11 accessories
    • FP02M expression pedal
    • BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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