This X8 Groove Djembe drum comes in a compact size, making it perfect for traveling musicians, kids, classrooms and as a portable gift for the percussionist on the go. The small size brings no compromises in construction — each djembe is carved by hand from legally harvested, plantation-grown mahogany and features a traditional goatskin drum head and rope tuning system.

Included with this model is a Coconut Kalimba Thumb Piano, so you can start jamming with another musician right away. Just like the drum itself, the kalimba is great for anyone — adult or kid, expert or first-time player.
  • 8.5x15.5" portable djembe drum
  • Carved by hand from plantation-grown mahogany
  • Authentic goatskin head
  • Traditional rope tuning system
  • Includes 3x6" kalimba thumb piano