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The X8 Celtic Labyrinth Djembe is carved from solid, legally-harvested mahogany logwood that is lathe-turned for uniform thickness. Each drum features a hand-carved Celtic design on the base of the shell and a cherry stain wood finish. On the inside, rough surface carvings reduce overtones. The natural, unbleached goat skin drum head delivers a crisp response, and it stays that way through long playing sessions thanks to a 2-ring system and alpine nylon tuning rope. The portable 6.75" and 8" sizes come with a free fitted tote bag.

Note on sizing: The sizes listed are the average measurements for that model drum. Since every Celtic Labyrinth Djembe is hand-carved and therefore unique, the exact measurements can vary by up to 1 inch.
X8 Drums Celtic Labyrinth Djembe Drum 6.75 x 12 in.

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  • Djembe drum made from solid mahogany in cherry stain finish
  • Hand-carved Celtic design makes each drum unique
  • Lateral grooves carved into interior reduce unwanted overtones
  • Natural, unbleached goatskin head
  • 5mm HTB alpine nylon rope tuning system
  • Available sizes range from 6.75 to 12" in diameter
  • Free fitted tote bag included with 6.75 and 8" models

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