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It's back. Originally released in 2012, the original Box of War is back.

The Box of War is a true recreation of the famous “Civil War” fuzz pedals from the 90’s. Great lengths have been gone to in digging deep into vintage pedals, and recreating their sound by duplicating all aspects of the original circuits. The tone is in the details as they say.

Rest assured nothing has been spared in researching this rare, much-loved, but cheaply made famous fuzzer.

This box is
heavy duty.  Not at all one of the thin aluminum type enclosures you see on many cheap pedals. When you hold this pedal, it is heavy. The idea behind this was to make an enclosure as heavy duty as the old Russians but with a smaller footprint and of course super high quality everything.

Reportedly favored by David Gilmour, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), and many others this is your chance to own a vintage recreation that is made to be beat-up.

Very closely related to the Tall Font BM’s, the Civil War’s have a bit darker and a bit fuzzier tone. Like the Tall Fonts, they’ve got less output and are less fuzzy than most other muffs but are cherished for their woody sustain and presence. These beasts became a secret weapon for many, but usually required two or three back-up pedals due to the poor quality components to be sure a pro-level player could make it through a tour using one on their board. The Box of War solves that problem.

Sound, looks, and reliability.
 Make one yours.
Wren And Cuff Box of War Small Foot Fuzz Effects Pedal
Wren And Cuff Box of War Small Foot Fuzz Effects Pedal

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  • 9V battery or 2.1mm adapter
  • True hard-wire bypass
  • "Small Foot" Enclosure
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

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