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[ Warm Audio ] ARMORS - "GENESIS" (Official Live Recording - Music Video)play button

[ Warm Audio ] ARMORS - "GENESIS" (Official Live Recording - Music Video)

Warm Audio

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The WA73-EQ British Mic Pre & EQ from Warm Audio pays faithful homage to the historic preamps that shaped iconic records of the 1970s. Warm Audio is proud to offer this dual-channel preamp, featuring the classic sound of yesteryear enhanced with modern tone-shaping tools. With its authentic all-steel chassis, high-end components and intuitive interface, the WA73-EQ helps you achieve lush, vibrant recordings worthy of a place in the annals of music history.

3-Band EQ Provides Surgical Control Over Your Sound

At the heart of the WA73-EQ lies its 3-band EQ, granting you meticulous command over the shape and texture of your tracks. Adjust the low, mid and high bands to eliminate rumble, add warmth, boost presence—whatever tones you desire. A high-pass filter lets you roll off unwanted low end with the turn of a knob. Whether you're capturing the rich body of an acoustic guitar or the articulate attack of a drum kit, the WA73-EQ puts you in the producer's chair.

Authentic '73-Style Circuitry for a Legendary Vintage Vibe

The WA73-EQ owes its classic character to faithful reproductions of revered '73-style circuits. Transformer-balanced inputs, a discrete transistor preamp design and premium op amps harmonize to impart recordings with the depth, punch and open highs that defined an era. Two channels let you individually optimize signals from multiple sources before they hit your DAW or analog gear. With a frequency response of 20 Hz to 30 kHz, the WA73-EQ captures every nuance of your performance.

Rugged Build Quality and Versatile I/O for Professional Use

Housed in a durable all-steel chassis, the WA73-EQ handles the demands of both studio and live applications. XLR and 1/4" TRS connections provide compatibility with any mic or line-level device. Separate XLR outputs for each channel give you the flexibility to send signals to multiple destinations. Every component in the WA73-EQ's discrete signal path was selected to stand up to years of intense use without compromising audio quality. When only the best will do, you can rely on the WA73-EQ.

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  • Single-channel, Class A, '73-style british microphone preamp with EQ
  • UK-made Carnhill Transformers
  • Inductor based 3-band EQ with a high-pass filter and boost/cut rotary dials: low band (35, 60, 110, 220Hz), mid band (360, 700, 1,600, 3,200, 4,800, 7,200Hz) and high band (10, 12, 16kHz)

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