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Warm Audio // Foxy Tone Box - Introduction & Demonstrationplay button

Warm Audio // Foxy Tone Box - Introduction & Demonstration

Warm Audio

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The Foxy Tone Box from Warm Audio is a hyper-accurate recreation of one of the most sought-after and beloved fuzz pedals of all time. Favored in the ’70s by legendary tone masters Billy Gibbons and Peter Frampton, and in the present day by industrial, prog, art and alt-rockers, the Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box faithfully recreates the vintage circuit, delivering the huge tone, octave-up sounds and look of the original—without the vintage price.

Serious Attention to Detail

The specific components used in a pedal circuit are critical to the way that it sounds and reacts to your playing, so each Foxy Tone Box Octave Fuzz guitar effects pedal is assembled by hand using premium parts. Warm Audio searched far and wide for a stash of the correct NOS (“New Old Stock”) Fairchild germanium transistors used in the original—and then paired them with germanium diodes, high-watt carbon resistors and film capacitors to bring the fury of the vintage pedal to the present day. It’s true bypass, and it sounds like nothing else on earth.

Fuzz it Up

Just like the original, the Foxy Tone Box features controls for Volume, Sustain and Fuzz (from “Mellow” to “Brite”), along with a switch to engage the pronounced octave effect. From mellow and subdued crunch to all-out searing fuzz and everything in between, this pedal is a virtual library of dirt encased in orange velvet. To get started, keep the Octave switch off and roll the Fuzz to the “Mellow” side for warm, square-wave distortion. Then engage the Octave effect, crank the Fuzz to “Brite" and increase the Sustain for maxed-out, hyper-compressed tones that barely hang on for dear life. Electric guitar is the obvious application, but try it on synthesizers, drum machines, bass, acoustic/electric and more. If you can plug a cable into it, the Foxy Tone Box can add character you just can’t get anywhere else.
Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box Octave Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal
Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box Octave Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal
Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box Octave Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • Faithful recreation of the original “foxy” fuzz circuit with 100% analog, fully discrete signal path
  • Premium components used throughout, including the NOS 2N3565 germanium Fairchild transistors found in the original circuit
  • Uses carbon resistors, germanium 1N34A diodes and premium film capacitors
  • True-bypass operation

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  • Gold-plated PCB pads
  • VOLUME, SUSTAIN, and FUZZ knobs
  • OCTAVE SUSTAIN switch for engaging the octave-up effect
  • 1/4" Input (INST) and Output (AMP) jacks
  • Blue LED power indicator

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