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Wampler Effects Pedals

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Guitarists got their first taste of Brian Wampler's work in 2006, when his debut effects pedal hit the market. It was the start of his company, but the start of his career was even earlier: a tinker and tone-chaser at heart, Brian had been experimenting with gear for years and he made absolutely sure he had a creation worth sharing before releasing it to the world. Today, there are lots of Wampler guitar effects pedals to choose from, and with the ability to focus on stompbox designs full-time, Brian and his team are only getting better at what they do. If you're looking for a boutique effects pedal built with a laser-sharp focus on getting the best possible tone, then a Wampler pedal is for you. One of Wampler's biggest milestones came in 2009, when Brad Paisley discovered them. Something you should know about Wampler is that they don't do paid endorsements - which means that when artists like Paisley use Wampler pedals, it's because they genuinely want to. In Brad Paisley's case, he started out with the Faux Analog Echo/Delay and the Ego Compressor. Later, when Paisley decided that only a custom overdrive could give him the unique tone he wanted, he turned to Wampler to build it for him. Check out the Paisley Drive Signature Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal to see the result. Created just in time for Paisley's H20world tour, it's got an amazing sound as well as the flexibility to handle any (and every) guitar you own. Other world-class artists with signature Wampler pedals include Brent Mason and Tom Quayle, and that's not even mentioning the countless guitarists who use effects units from the standard Wampler lineup. In fact, the honest truth is that Wampler's "standard" is the average pedal builder's "signature." One listen to the Euphoria Overdrive, Faux Spring Reverb or Velvet Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal and you'll see what we mean. Whether you choose one of Wampler's original designs or one with an artist's name on top, you'll always be getting exceptional tone. So, go ahead and think about the kind of sound you want to hear from your guitar. Once you've got that in mind, all that's left to do is to pick out the Wampler guitar effects pedals to create it. And since Wampler backs up every stompbox they build with a great warranty, you can count on having plenty of time to enjoy that sound onstage and in the studio. Here's the bottom line: if you want the best effects pedal you can get your hands on, get your hands on a Wampler.