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Wampler makes $99 pedals now?!


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Wampler's Triumph Overdrive Effects Pedal delivers two uniquely voiced overdrives in one compact stompbox. Designed to provide a range of overdriven tones without breaking the bank, the Triumph is ideal for guitarists on a budget looking to expand their sonic palette.

Two Distinct Voicings for Versatile Tone Shaping

At the heart of the Triumph Overdrive Effects Pedal are two of Brian Wampler's all-time favorite overdrives: the Digitech Bad Monkey and the BOSS SD-1. Wampler added additional EQ stages to provide a variety of tones as well as circuit changes for polished, glassy overtones. A two-position voicing switch selects either Smooth or Punch modes, giving you two uniquely voiced overdrives in one pedal. In Smooth mode, the Triumph delivers a progressive gain structure with a gritty presence and classic mid-hump profile. Dial in bluesy tones through a clean amp or push it through an already overdriven amp for growling rock tones. In Punch mode, the Triumph has an open tonality, less compression and touch sensitivity for detailed note articulation.

Precise Tonal Control With 3-Band EQ

Shape your overdriven tone with the Triumph's 3-band EQ, featuring controls for bass, middle and treble frequencies. Cut or boost each frequency range to craft your perfect overdrive sound. The active EQ design and additional EQ stages provide more tonal variety than a standard overdrive pedal. Whether you want a warm, full-bodied overdrive or a bright, cutting tone, the Triumph's EQ gets you there.

Gain Knob Offers Subtle Grit to Saturated Roar

The Triumph Overdrive Effects Pedal's gain control provides a range of overdriven tones from subtle grit to saturated distortion. At lower gain settings, the Triumph adds warmth and thickness for boosting an already overdriven amp. As you increase the gain, the Triumph progresses to a full-on rock overdrive with sustain for days. The wide range of the gain control makes the Triumph ideal as both a standalone overdrive pedal or for pushing an overdriven tube amp into high-gain territory.

Professional Quality at an Affordable Price

While Wampler pedals are known for their boutique quality and tone, the Triumph Overdrive Effects Pedal brings Wampler's signature overdrive designs to guitarists on a budget. The Triumph delivers professional overdrive tones worthy of any pedalboard at a price that won't break the bank. Experience the quality and tone that Wampler is known for without paying a premium with the Triumph Overdrive Effects Pedal.

Wampler Collective Triumph Overdrive Effects Pedal Blue
Wampler Collective Triumph Overdrive Effects Pedal Blue
Wampler Collective Triumph Overdrive Effects Pedal Blue

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  • Collective Series pedal designed by Brian Wampler
  • Dual voice overdrive pedal with switchable voicing modes
  • Smooth mode for classic liquid gain
  • Punch mode for added bite and tight low end
  • High-grade components selected for superior sound and response
  • Volume, gain and 3-band EQ
  • Top-mounted input and output jacks and power connector
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 4.4" x 1.4" (63.5 mm x 112 mm x 35.5 mm) – height excludes knobs and switches
  • Power draw: 21mA, 9-18V DC
  • Includes limited 5-year warranty

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  • Dimensions (excluding knobs and switches): 2.5" (63.5 mm) x 4.4" (112 mm) x 1.4" (35.5 mm)
  • Power draw: 21mA, 9-18V DC

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