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The Walrus Audio Melee: Wall of Noise Reverb and Distortion pedal puts two of the most powerful effects in music at your feet. With a simple joystick, you can blend reverb and distortion together into a massive wash of sound. Flip the order switch to run the distortion before or after the reverb in the signal chain for different results. The Melee offers three unique reverb types—Ambient, Octave and Reverse—that you can use separately or in combination for a huge range of tones.

Sculpt Your Sound With a Joystick

Rather than fiddling with multiple knobs, the Melee lets you control the mix of reverb and distortion with an intuitive joystick. Move it up and down to increase or decrease the amount of distortion, and left to right to adjust the reverb level. Tone and decay toggles provide further tonal shaping for the reverb. Hold down the bypass switch and move the decay toggle to add modulation to the reverb for extra depth and dimension.

Three Innovative Reverb Types

The Melee comes loaded with three different reverb algorithms that you can switch between by pressing the bypass and sustain switches simultaneously. The Ambient reverb creates huge, sprawling trails perfect for shoegaze chord progressions and soaring lead lines. The Octave reverb adds an eerie lower octave to the reverb tail for a dark, atmospheric tone. The Reverse reverb feeds your signal through backwards reverb trails that you can manipulate into melodies or push into self-oscillating feedback.

Sustain and Capture Reverb Trails

For pad-like sounds, press and hold the sustain switch to ramp up the reverb trails. Release the switch and the trails will gradually fade based on the decay setting. You can also latch the sustain switch to capture and sustain the reverb at any point. Press again to release the latch and let the reverb trail off. Use this feature to create ambient drones and textures underneath your playing.

Intuitive Controls Focused on Creativity

The Melee has a minimalist yet intuitive control set focused on creative freedom rather than complexity. In addition to the joystick and sustain switch, the decay knob sets the reverb trail length while the tone knob adjusts the reverb tone. Modulation can be added to the wet signal by holding the bypass switch and moving the decay knob. The Melee gives you the essential tools to craft washes of reverb and distortion without distraction.

Walrus Audio Melee Wall of Noise Reverb and Distortion Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Melee Wall of Noise Reverb and Distortion Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Melee Wall of Noise Reverb and Distortion Effects Pedal Black

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  • Joystick controls reverb and distortion levels for blending effects
  • Three reverb types: Ambient, Octave Down, Reverse with Feedback
  • Momentary sustain switch latches reverb decay
  • True-bypass and buffered-bypass modes
  • 9V power (not included), isolated PSU recommended

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